Study Opportunities

We offer two Major Programs

  • Applied Linguistics/TESOL
  • Linguistics

Applied Linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that addresses issues related to the nature of language and its use:  how it is learned, taught, deployed and evaluated.  The program prepares students to be qualified, highly skilled language teaching specialists in various domains of language education.

General Linguistics students involve themselves in a range of disciplines such as psychology, biology, communication disorders, computer science, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology. Students learn about language through inquiry into linguistic structure and its representation, its acquisition by children, and its processing by the brain. Students have a discrete training in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and discourse analysis.

Career Profiles of Applied Linguistics Graduates

Language Teacher, Language Teacher Trainer, Language Education Policy Maker, Language Testing Specialist.

Career Profiles of General Linguistics Graduates

Careers in the communication industries, language and communication disorders, in automatic speech recognition and other computational fields, in translation and interpreting and language teaching.


Major Programs

Degree requirements and course descriptions for 2007/8 students are held on the UAEU webcatalogue.  Degree requirements for 2009 students are available as downloads.

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2009+ students may also take one or two Minors.

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Graduate Study

The Department of Linguistics currently has 7 graduate students in its PhD program.



Here is a description of the Linguistics Program in Arabic (pdf, new window)


Curriculum Catalogue

A full list of courses offered by the Linguistics Department is available here (UAEU link, new window)